Welcome to all things Written by Vontress Renae’. I created this platform in hopes to help others. My goal is to let others know that what they think and feel is not only important but that they were not alone. My only hope for this platform was to say the things that people wanted and needed to hear about the steps toward self healing. Although that will always be my goal, I found my own voice through my encouragement and transparency. I have been lucky enough to touch women, mothers and even a few men with my personal testimony. This platform is here for those looking to find their voice and to use it in places that fear has held them back from.

Vontress Renae’

I have a quote that I stand by: “When you can recognize yourself in the dark you have been found.” I have lived through this quote and hope that it resonates with others. The goal of this quote is to encourage the understanding that the dark parts of our lives or within ourselves are not things that we can control. These are things we can change, manage or fix with accepting who we are and not the opinions of others.

Most content creators have a set base on what they choose to share with others or what type of content they create. I will always be a person evolving and growing and my journey is the only thing I intend to share. The good, bad and ugly with the mere hope of changing at least one life.