Rose Petals Under a Reaper’s Robe Published July 6, 2018

Rose Petals Under a Reaper’s Robe is a collection of poems inspired by Vontress Ortega. She has brought her artistry to life in a bare reflection of her own experiences, good and bad, in hopes to encourage self-awareness, acceptance, and the overall courage to not be afraid to look in the mirror. Take a look under a Reaper’s Robe to shed light on your own petals and watch as they bloom.



Rose Petals Under a Reaper’s Robe : Unveiled Published January 10, 2019

In this second installment, Vontress has now unveiled the petals under the Reaper’s robe. In this collection of poetry, she allows you to view parts of her heart she’s never shared before…touching on subjects of love, loss, and betrayal. Unveiled allows her to close old chapters and open new doors of healing, love, and light while passing on the courage to others to leave the things that haunt them behind.


Affirmed Queen: Book of Affirmations for the Woman in Healing  Published March 1, 2019

Coming from a place of internal uncertainty, Vontress Ortega has opened the gateway of self-love through her book Affirmed Queen: A Book of Affirmations for a Woman in Healing. Learning to love herself despite the naysayers of the world, self-doubt, and negative inner demons we all face at one point or another, she fought with everything she had to stand above ground and take control of her inner peace through the use of positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations can be used to transform our lives in exceptional ways. Throughout this book, there is an affirmation for every week of the year. You will be guided to use these affirmations to permanently alter the way you think, to move away from damaging self-beliefs, and to actively pursue the life you really want to live filled with complete love of self.

With Affirmed Queen, you will no longer feel powerless over your negative thoughts, no longer struggling to make up your own affirmations. Affirmed Queen has done all the work for you!

So, jump in, Queen, and discover how you can influence your thoughts, attract great things into your life, and step closer to your ideal future as you embrace yourself for everything that you are.


Tainted Soil Published August 09, 2019

No one ever said growing was easy.

Burying seeds through poetry, short stories, and affirmations, Tainted Soil proves how planting seeds in damaged souls can grow strength and build character in the midst of sorrows, joys, and even pain.


The Sun Under a Night Sky Published January 05, 2020

You are the sun and the center of your universe. In this collection of untitled thoughts, poetry, and affirmations; Vontress plants her powerful feminine energy and wisdom like a seed. Showing growth through struggle, and sharing stories of blooming into a flower. She shines her light like the sun into the darkest parts of her soul.